Fri, 08/07/2015 - 06:24 -- GLamy92

The imagery of euphoria sits beyond this window’s pain.
For this is what has us running in place in hope it prepares us for an escape.
The singular emotion that drives hopes behind said barrier.
While in the process makes one feel inferior.
Displacement of our lost ambitions,
As we all hope to be as complete as the next person.
But within all this pessimism, hope is the constant.
Providing glimmers of light within the darkness.
Pushing me out this window’s pain.
As I explore the beauty of what the window displayed.
Fear only interferes with the process of our evolution.
As the metamorphic component is the only natural solution.
Very ape, as our primitive traits seem to be in the way.
As advanced ideals were railroaded with great disdain.
Hope in these visions carved the way.
As Individuals are now able to travel to a variety of avenues from different lanes.
The powerful emotion that is relegated to a delusion in reality.
But in reality, it’s as lucid and tangible as you and me.
From artistry to technology, it all started with the belief.
That one day these heights would be reached.


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Our world
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