The Hood


(To The Inner City a.k.a "The Hood")


Welcome to the lives of the treacherous, dangerous,

penny pinching, gun-toting urbanites, etcera/

I hail from the danger where the fear's always near,

ghetto birds above us and the sirens all we hear/

'Cause the streets and the corners steady pose a sleeper hold,

some will only go as deep and as far as the reefer blow/

Two shirts on, so we can change the description code

Our life is a rolling movie, it ain't scripted though/

hyper-energetic individuals with libido,

and the doors won't open, we gotta kick 'em though/

Get the dough and hide it, tell the police we driving,

and if one of us caught only one of us gets indicted/

Psychotic the way we living, dodging prison and baby mamas,

who steady begging us for commission/

And the teflon in the kitchen, which of whom don't got dishes

it an't for cooking meals its more so to make us a mill/

I vividly rememember waking up 'round ten

had the carton, but no eggs , had the jelly but no bread/

Landlord said it was strictly just for two,

but we had six lplus one on the way/

"And I'm going to find a way", is what I told my O.G,

until that lonely night when the coach cut from the team/

Change the scene, I ain't lying, trying to be a millionaire,

and this right here, this is my last lifeline!/

Ever been or seen life through your last dime?

'Cause lessons that I learned, you don't eat if you don't cut in line/

And weak people are a dime a dozen, I'm lying

I'm just trying to tell you about your friends without offending mine/






I love this. It's so real, and very well-written.


I recorded the song here!




Love It  !

Leeki Benjamin

Very emphatic... #love this poem

Tanyatheladythatsings Jerry

Awesome! Great story, I feel that there is a vibe of rythmic words here. Like so much truth and a harsh dose of what some call reality.

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