"An Honored School"

It’s a school of honors and honor students
Who balance themselves on the edge
Of excellence and nothingness
And everyday 
The paper, books, sentences, numbers, deadlines
Crush them
The weight intensified by the words of the ones encouraging
“You can do it!”
“You don’t want to end up with a dead end job.”
“Do not disappoint us.” 
Cannot disappoint the ones who say so
There is no release, no way to escape their chaining intentions
That does not go around the problem
Shove the work away and play
But it looms, abandoned in the corner, knowing that you must return
Some find relief in substances
But it rots them away, in a far more expensive and putrid way then the papers do
The strugglers
Fight back sleep as they try to finish the day’s burdens
And arrive the next day only to receive more to keep them awake through the night
As if they did not have enough to overthink about
It corrodes them
They can only balance for so long before their feet begin to doubt
And they slip
Some have lifelines that keep them from plummeting down
But they might just suspend them in space
While they have no strength to climb back up to balance again
And they give in.


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