What is love I ask

For he called it that

When he wouldn’t let go 

When he devoured my neck 

When he silenced me 


What happens on a first date I ask

For that’s what it was 

Where he pulled my hair until my neck cracked

Where he wouldn’t leave my hand alone

Where I felt wrong with every word he spoke 


Why isn’t my body my own?

Of course its yours honey


Why must they scream out to me when I walk?

Just ignore them honey


Why can’t I escape their gaze?

Don’t look at them honey


Why do I have to take a class to go out?

It’s just for your safety honey


Why isn’t self defense enough?

Have this whistle honey


Why won’t anyone help as it rings out?

It’ll be okay honey 


Why must I never feel safe?

This isn’t our world honey 


Biologically women are weaker honey 

Why does that make them deaf?


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