If this was a dictatorship, then these words would be treason.

If this was a monarchy, then these words would be treason.

If this was a democracy, then our country would be led by whoever was elected by the majority.

Ancient Greece had that kind of democracy,

and Caesar was killed when he got too power-hungry.

America has never had that kind of democracy.

I mean, we already count every individual vote, but it’s too much work to trust the majority.

What’s the point of protesting,

as if it’s some kind of Constitutionally-protected right

instead of just another mass-arresting?

Get down on your knees for Donald, honey.

Locker room talk for a warm-up, honey.

Are you using the right email to talk about your war crimes, honey?

Hey, baby girl, don’t you forget

that no amount of experience or intellect

will get you farther than nineteen percent of a combined House and Senate.

Then again, over fifty percent of white women voted in the Red.

I wonder if any of them have voters’ regret.

Looking down the line of faces that have held office since 1776,

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the first one we’ve called out as a rapist.

Serial killers put on the nicest faces.

The nicer the “nice guy,” then the scarier he is.

Fold your hands and press together the tips of your fingers:

this is the church and here is the steeple.

Look inside: here are the people,

hiding from a teenage white boy terrorist

that the media claims has a mental illness.

How many more lone wolves can there be

until we realize that they are part of a hunting party?

So cross your fingers and cross your heart

and cross your eyes to blur the start.

Cross your fingers and cross your heart

and pray that these bullets miss the mark.

Load your words into your hands and steady the point of your finger gun to my head.

Freedom of speech is being attacked now, honey.

The “alt-right” doesn’t like it when you say Neo-Nazi, honey.

Are you taking notes for your next rerun, honey?

Remember: violence against white supremacists

makes you just as bad as those fascists!

So sit, honey-- sit, shake, lay down, roll over,

just lie back and think of America, honey.

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My country
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