Honesty is Key

Queen of Cinders,

Dressed in dust and dirt,

With a mop for a wig,

And a washcloth for a skirt.


Her dreams were colored in silver,

Her heart was dipped in gold,

She wanted something bigger,

But she had to be bold.


From her cleaning she would dream

Of a really handsome man,

To sweep her off her feet

And change the course of plans.


The prince was throwing a ball,

Her dream could come true,

But to get the night off cleaning

Seemed impossible to do.


Her step mom laughed her head off

At the request of this young maid,

So Cinderella made a wish

And blatantly disobeyed.


She wished herself a ball gown,

Some shoes made of gold,

With some hair and makeup,

She was the fairest to behold.


The dancing that she did

Caught the eye of the handsome prince,

He even got to dance with her,

Enamored ever since.


Cindy had a curfew though,

Of 12 o clock that night,

Or the clothes would transform back

To the nasty, dirty sight.


His majesty escorted her to the balcony,

To whisper sweet nothings in her ear.

But the time kept beckoning,

The dreaded thought to disappear.


“Maybe,” the young maid thought,

“I don’t have to up and leave,

I can show him who I really am,

For true love cannot deceive.”


While the idea of revealing herself was frightening,

She knew it was the right choice,

For a marriage without love

Is not one to rejoice.


She heard the clock strike midnight,

And they watched before their eyes,

The fair and lovely Cinderella

Transform from her disguise.


Queen of the Cinders,

Dressed in dust and dirt,

Sits in the company of a prince,

Hoping her heart doesn’t get hurt.


“This is who I really am,” she said,

“My life at home is rough,

But I truly love you,

So I hope I am enough.”


The prince was in disbelief,

He’d never seen such magic in his life.

But from this ball he was quite certain

She was meant to be his wife.


He got down on one knee,

And marveled at her modesty,

Proposed to her instantly,

And thanked her for her honesty.


They now are happily married,

With clear communication,

They serve as an outstanding model

For couples throughout the nation.


To find the one you love,

One must be themselves,

For if he were to love a lie,

He’d truly love someone else.


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