Honesty rhymes with hypocrisy
Which is a mockery, so like time if you have to--Dock me
Because I am guilty of word play
Some hear say, then repeat with a somewhat truth
What is that? Is that honesty?
Is that telling it how it is? Keeping it real? Keeping it funky?
Someone correct me
Tell me if I'm all wrong, and teach me of the right
Like my mother did when I was a child
She attempted to be honest with me once,
But failed because of her faith in discretion
But if honesty is true, like someone saying 1 + 1 equals 2
Then why leave out the details?
Tell only the parts you want others to hear, then bury the rest in your closet
Like secret accounts, we make deposits
Something is wrong with this logic
Of being honest and being true
Battling with being nice or being cruel
Having lots of friends or having just 2
We all gotta choose, between being silent or being outspoken
The question is, where does honesty lie in between both?



Hey Patreesh - this was the 100th poem added to PowerPoetry. Congrats, and thanks. It is great poem!

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