The honest "miss you" letter

Sat, 09/14/2013 - 13:49 -- elrumba

There are days when i hate missing you more than otros

Why? Because on those days i want nothing more than, to dig

my fingers into the roots of your hair, bringing your mind

closer to mine, our noses almost touching, aire de nuestros mundos

interchanging, mixing into a whirlwind, two planets colliding

to kiss you

like a child devours a mango, enjoying every bite

and loosing track of time


i hate missing you on those days most of all because in my mind

we're more than friends, when in reality that's all we are

and then i'm glad that you're in that city and i'm in this city

and there's no possibility of us crossing paths, even though

there's little possibility of that in the same city anyways, as busy as

you are, always, there's no need to seek you out in a crowd

ni hace razon esperarte en este mundo nuevo

and i like it like that


you being in orbit

talking to you over skype or text, but never making contact

no chance of making contact

and another day held down by the reality

that we're nowhere near eachother

when i return

pues ahi te veo

en outer space





Thank you for the advice, i hope you keep reading my stuff to see the development


hi could you re read my poem and see if it's better? gracias

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