A scuba instructor in my town,

who says his name is Triton,

claims he was a messenger for a king in the sea.

What a strange guy.


He says he was once a noble merman,

who wielded a trident,

and lived in a golden palace in the blue depths.

But I’m not so sure.


He’s known in this town

for having a vast knowledge of ocean life,

like knowing which coral will give you a nasty sting.

He is always willing to share

his love of the sea.


Triton says he had a family,

he has lots of children

who serve gods and goddesses

but he can't find his way back to them.

I feel sorry for him.


Recently we had an agressive storm,

sailors say a “god of the sea” was angry.

They are always superstitious.

But, I haven’t seen Triton since.

Maybe he was telling the truth.



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