Home Is Where My Heart Is

I am from the only place it's okay to steal,

from the grainy dirt and the allergy filled grass

to the crack of my bat and stitches of bright yellow balls.


I am from the first stop of my journey,

sprinting alongside the white powdered dust.

Where I never halt a stop, or make a sharp turn,

it's where I question the base.


I am from the second visit of my adventure,

departing early to my next destination.

As I am caught in a pickle,

I dive back into the welcoming dry soil.


I am from the third stay of my voyage,

hitting the dirt with a sharp glide.

Feeling my metal cleats sink through the pebbles of earth,

finally stealing what I love most.


I am almost home,

where I pour my passion to the game I love.

Because home is where my heart is.


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