Home is where the heart is- ALL I NEED

The highest possession I hold

the thing closest to my heart

is not a possession at all

its a person who loved me from the start

with her unconditional love

I would never wish to part, ways with her

for she's the one who gave me life

she's my beautiful mother

and such a wonderful wife, so I've heard

everything I do I keep her in mind

when I'm in my studies

and when I'm on my grind

I want to make her happy I hope to succeed

so I can be the one to provide her

with everything she needs.

She's supported me all my life

she gave me the whole world

I was her little princess,

her first baby girl

she pushes me to be better

she always helps me thrive

because of her I believe

I can do anything as long as I'm alive

This poem is about: 
My family


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