Home Again

Bum ba dum ba dum

He talks, beating on his chest like

The common idiot, trying to convince the world

Ha! You fools, living your silly lives!

You don’t understand the little things

And Ha! They say, swishing their lace-ridden dresses and satin garments like

Pallid wisps of wind, blowing

The hair of his knuckles, of hands

That caressed the ground at his feet


You’re all fools, don’t you see? Ha!

He laughs. And laughs and laughs and laughs

Until the bees come,

The bears, and things that covet the fresh meat gather

To watch the good man burn in delight

Whither away until

He joined his brothers, to the soil.

And Ha! I said. You idiot.

No one could do it. No one remembers how.

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Our world
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