Four letters 
Four walls 
In the left corner of your bedroom there is an old mattress 
I once asked why you keep your bed in a corner 
You said it was easier to feel safe 
It was easier to wake up facing a blank wall on two sides than the obscure darkness 
You keep yourself in your own cage never saying too much 
A canary that just won't sing 
five letters 
One for each time you called me crying in the middle of the night 
You didn't understand 
I didn't understand 
I still don't know if I loved you 
But I wanted to 
I wanted to save you from yourself
Did you know that those who try to rescue drowning victims are often pushed under the water and drown in the process,

so often there is a name for it,

aquatic victim instead of survivor syndrome 

I tried to saved you from the looming salt water darkness filling your lungs 
I let you push me down to keep yourself afloat
I forgot that even a person trying to save another may fall victim to mortality themselves 

This poem is about: 
My community


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