Holy Fire


United States
34° 29' 7.5588" N, 117° 25' 13.4292" W

God Your word is an all-consuming fire which cannot quelled.
It convicts me and I cannot hold it in.
I must praise You,
I must spread Your word that others may praise You as well,
The fire is too great to isolate to myself,
Before the fire caught in my spirit I was cold and dead,
But now Your purpose has possessed me and I want to cause a blaze.
God let me see life spread to all those around me,
Let Your spirit fill them and make them complete.
Let me be a spark,
Let me tell them of Your love and of the peace and contentment that can only be had by You,
Lord, why as I tell them of Your love and salvation,
Though I am so greatly moved by You,
Does it fall on hard hearts and stiff necks?
They have ears to hear but don’t hear,
They have eyes to see but neither see nor believe.
Lord their spirit is wetted down by pride and sin!
How can the fire catch?
Lord make new their spirits!
For their spirits are waterlogged and heavy within them!
They drag their feet and walk with shaded eyes and think there’s nothing better to be had!
Unbind their spirit! If even for a moment so the spark may catch,
Even if the flame is miniscule in the midst of all the darkness,
Let that flame be as in a forest of dry brush, where even the smallest flame can completely consume.
Let that one small flame cause the whole spirit to be ablaze with the desire to follow You,
Let it burn away all the hate, filth, and sorrow.
And keep my spirit ablaze Lord, because I know I am weak.
But I know that I may boast of my weakness because it only furthers my dependence on You,
And in that I can rejoice!
I want no separation Lord,
I long to draw closer to You with every breath.
Lord let my spirit be crushed before I backslide!
Because I know you move greatly in the crushed and humble in spirit.
I know Your power is made perfect in weakness,
because when we acknowledge our weakness we are even more humbled by Your great power and love,
You are above all and have power over all yet still reign in love.
In this world we are only exposed to those who use hate, deceit, and treachery to rise to power.
But these prideful and seemingly insurmountable people compared to You Lord are mere blades of grass that last only a day and bow with only a single breath from You.
Lord You are great!
I can testify to Your love Lord and to Your presence.
Lord I feel Your presence more so than the people I see with my own eyes every day!
So how can I ever say I have not seen so I do not believe?
I see Your amazing works and I feel You move my spirit constantly.
Has any man ever done this?
Yet who asks to verify their existence?
No one!
Lord let my faith be boundless!
Let me be so ablaze in the spirit that I can’t be still but for a moment without speaking of You,
Let my only confidence in speech be when it is Your name and Your word on my tongue.
Let not my lips say one thing, yet my heart believe another.
Lord don’t only let me say,
“Yes the Lord can do all things”, but let me say, “Yes the Lord will do all things”.
Lord let me have a bold faith, even if my peers think me unlearned and crass,
And if that’s the case let it not be my words that reach them but my passion in what I know to be true.
Lord let the fire test me and purify me daily,
Burn away any sin that my humanity clings to and in its place fill with Your spirit, that the sin not be welcomed back.
And lead my steps,
For it is only by Your grace that I am welcomed on Your path today.


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