Joyless silence
Fills the air
As the terrible day
Draws near
No one was expecting it
Nor did they want it
It was just one of those things that just happens
Millions of Jews filled the streets
As the armed Germans came to sweep
By and by they jacked precious things
From these poor, defenseless human beings
Group by group they were kidnapped
Then, by gender they were segregated
Forced into labor and watched twenty-four seven
There was nothing they could do
Stripped of their identity
And robbed of their clothes
They were thrown into concentration camps
With no need to live
And no where to go
Labled and tagged
Like slaves
Worked to death
For no pay
Who will put an end to this cruel suffering?
God finally heard their prays
For after 12 years of agony
In 1945
America and their allies
Came to the rescue and took Adolf Hitler far far away
We learn and remember this horrifying day
Where millions of good people lost their lives
Where things went astray
When Germany had nothing but strife
No one will ever forget this day
That we call the Holocaust
The day that millions of Jews' lives were lost

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Our world


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