Hollywood Myth Machine


United States
39° 2' 26.6856" N, 77° 13' 44.4684" W

I am flawless.

My skin radiates the most perfect shade of saccharine pink and my

bright blond coif of bouncing, spiraling curls

frames the womanly contours of my face.

I am iconic. And

you are hypnotized

by my 25 pairs of sparkling, turquoise eyes.

Red lips brazenly curled, I

boast my megawatt Hollywood smile.

I am loved; I am hated.

The likeness you see,

You don’t know, and never will:

A face plastered by a plastic mask,

glowing garishly in the lonely darkness.

What you see is

generated by the Hollywood myth machine.

Iam the myth,

reduced, condensed, and compacted for

mass consumption.

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