Hollow (Survived Depression)

I'm a survivor.

I escaped the emptiness inside me;

The ghost that's behind me,

The one that despises me.

When he tries to devour me

I make him shiver;

Because he realizes I have no soul left to give him.


When I speak I hear an echo and,

When I dream I try to let go,

Of any thoughts or any feelings when I'm in my feelings I keep it concealed in,

Until I let go...

I combust and the only parts left of me are hollow.


These silent halls speak louder than the times I was in my high buzzing and loving,

Endorphins running.

Now I'm locked out of my body,

Screaming silently for somebody.

Inside my hollow body.

I'm nobody.


No soul left to give,

No wholes or parts left to shed,

No voice left to spread,

Just hollowness within.


Imagine surviving something like this because

I did.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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