Hold Her Like You Mean It

When she hugs you
Hold her like you mean it
Because tomorrow might be too late
When she touches your face
Make note of the warmth in her hands
Watch how her smile lights up every corner of the room
When she asks you to dance
Don’t say no
If her body leans into yours
Don’t push her away
She wants to be part of you
Don’t lock the door to your thoughts
When she tries to open your mind
Don’t turn off the light
When she opens your eyes
And if you ever decide to criticize
Make sure it’s constructive
Don’t knock down walls if they’re supporting her
Build pillars first
Be patient with her
She won’t always get it right the first time
Keep your doors and windows open
She likes to check in every once in a while
Just to make sure everything’s ok
Don’t be afraid to love her
Nine times out of ten she wants to love you too
Don’t question her comfort zone
You are her comfort zone
Do not be afraid to ask her questions
Depending on the question she will answer them honestly
Don’t worry she’s only protecting you
Don’t be afraid to touch her
She’s not as delicate as you think
Don’t let her bravery fool you
If she laughs loud enough to wake the neighbors
Laugh with her
Wake the whole neighborhood
If she throws up in the sink after too many drinks
Then cries herself to sleep
Do the best you can
She’ll thank you for it later
When she apologizes
Kiss her; tell her it’s ok
When she hugs you
Pull her close
Remember what you stand for
Know how much you mean to her
And if she falls asleep in your arms
Hold her like you mean it
Because your arms are her most favorite place in the world


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