A Hit from the Right


United States
43° 38' 36.5784" N, 116° 26' 9.6036" W

Each and every day, gloomy or nice
In a room with four white walls
A new life is born into the light
To a mother the most beautiful and innocent
In hopes that the time is right
Knowing the coming future

Looking left and right we see the innocent
Some are mean and some are nice
Not knowing the extras behind the bedroom walls
When the night sky is lit with the moon light
Thinking about the dream come future
Before the hit from the right

Each night the fall against the wall
Brings me tomorrows light
Knowing this isn’t my wanted future
When really I know I’m only right
Toughening up to be the innocent
In front of all the nice

The trouble of hiding from the light
A long sleeve shirt is just not right
Either guilty or innocent
You predict the future
Afraid of talking to the nice
In chances of sharing memories about the walls

Every night always starts with the right
With a clear mind of my future
How some people are born with the nice
And some with a home they call a wall
As I look up at the light
I ask myself is there any innocent

I know I will not do this in the future
That my children’s lives will be innocent
Never will they receive my right
That smashes them into the wall
Day or night they will always live in the light

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Raisa Mcleary Francis

Emotional love the words

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