History Changed But Fate Stayed the Same

Sun, 12/30/2018 - 23:41 -- SH2812

History Changed But Fate Stayed the Same


The world can be cruel sometimes,

But bare with me, it’s true

Because in order to live, we need to take away from others.


Now history will always repeat itself,

Like a never ending cycle.

Never stopping, never slowing, never sleeping,

Waiting for our fate, to somehow, continue,

Like an open road, to the gateway of heaven.


Where everything runs true.

The innocent, the accused, and the framed.

The people that died from mistakes of the past.

And I thought that the supposedly most intelligent species would know,

But no.


Fate had us connected to strings like a puppet.

Where we can do nothing,

Helpless, staring, blank.


Starring, blank.

Helpless, staring, blank.

A lifeless, hollow shell.


I thought I knew better.

A mistake is a one time thing, an accident.

Not things done repeatedly,

Over and over again,

Like a broken record.


Now take a really really good look.

All you have to do is crack open my history text book.

Moments and actions being pushed by the repeat button.

How the basis of conflicts reappear,

And how higher ups could not really think that clear.

Now, when we reload, we start over,

But every time you look in the history,

The evidence is still there.


Don’t cover the flaws, the mistakes,

Reach out to grab them, embrace them.

Pluck them from high in the sky like a star.

Then maybe, just maybe…

We have another chance.


Another chance to re-click the reload button and start again.


The past is there so we can learn from our mistakes,

So next time, instead of talking about heaven and the big gate,

We take time to hold hands,

To rejoice, and to celebrate.

We walk around as unity,

Our voice shall become one.

We now stand for equality and no one should be shunned.


Maybe, just maybe, our fate, our fate was to change history,

Change the never ending cycle into something new,

To change fate.


The world can be cruel sometimes, it’s true,

But our only hope is that fate will guide us through.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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