His, yet also yours


Its like time has just taken a bite out of the side of my face
When I look and see my eyes expressing a change
A new light that my flesh, if it could resurrect, would destroy
Being dead, my flesh however, cannot deploy
I long so to be who I am completely in Him
Reaching out into His arms now I am
But such a lonely conscience is this
When I consider my dad whom I miss
That the times we share never leave and still weave into memories fixing my soul between
A journey so all I see the ocean with you glimmering making scenes of unbroken bonds in my dreams
I will be what the I am says that I am, like you somehow
The I am chose to use these relationships we have
The I am chose to use these feelings we grab
The I am chose to release this shame from our past
And the present is all that we are; His forevermore 
Chasing the lies that glued my eyes before they could float a canoe
And singing in freedom of what my eyes can now see
And the waterfalls of the truth releases my tears "go free"
There is no shame in me
There is no condemnation 
Because I am His son
And I thank Him who also made me yours


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