His Story

White man stepped foot on Jamestown.

And she warned us that,

The Beginning of the End comes presenting gifts.

Along with the metal that they called iron,

And weapons that they called rifles,

They brought smallpox and infections

That our herbalists couldn’t help,

Except to relieve the suffering of our men.


Next they brought over black men,

With dark eyes like theirs,

And soft lullabies similar to theirs.

They stood over these people,

And commanded that they be worshipped like gods.

They wished that their eternal torture had been genocide.


Next, they forbade the Irish from working in shops that were unfit for hogs,

And declared immigrants needn’t apply to a nation for lost souls.

When the Nazi’s murdered women and children,

They cast their gaze to fighting and told the immigrants that

They needn’t find solace in a country built on blood.


When the Freedom Riders marched the street,

Hand in hand,

Looking out for a man that they called their brother,

They set the buses on fire,

Torched them out like foxes.


And Now,

We pledge to the flag,

And call ourselves a free nation,

Founded on the blood of our proud, self-righteous ancestors


This poem is about: 
Our world


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