His Smirk

When I saw him,

My heart raced.

My whole body shook,

And I started sweating.

All around me

Was darkness.

Fire and pain

Filled the air,

And I tried to run.

I could not escape,

For I had chains

Around my ankles.

He stood in front

Of me,

And smirked.

His figure,

Tall and black

Like a silhouette.

Because he

Was one.

His horns,

Just as they were

described before.

His eyes bright,

Filled with fire.

He crouched down

To my level.

My small frame,

Became smaller.

He grabbed my shoulders,

With his hands

And shook.

“You are mine,”

He said

In a deep, cold voice.

I woke up,

Drenched in my own sweat.

My body shaking,

My heart racing.

I ran to the laptop,

With shaky fingers,

I wrote it all down.

Unable to think

Of anything else.


I deleted it all.

And I never dreamed

Of his smirk again.

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