His Name Was Angel

Sat, 03/16/2013 - 15:22 -- abbym

I didn't have any friends in school.
I was quiet.
And shy.

One day we were coloring,
And I made a rainbow.
It only had five colors-
Red, orange, purple, brown, pink-
Because those were my favorite colors.

People told me
The rainbow doesn't have brown in it.
I didn't care.
I cried when no one was looking.

There was a boy in my class
And his name was Angel.

People told him
That angels were white.
I think he cried when no one was looking.

In the first week
Someone made fun of him
Because he spilled his apple sauce.
I didn't tell the teacher.

In the second week
We had to color in the lines.
No one shared their crayons.
I didn't tell the teacher.

In the third week
It seemed things were getting better.
Someone pushed him off the monkey bars.
I didn't tell the teacher.

In the fourth week
He got sick
And threw up under his desk.
Someone told the teacher.

In the fifth week
And the sixth week
And the seventh
Angel didn't come back.

It made me melancholy
Though I didn't quite know why.
I think it was because
I'd have liked him to be my friend.

And I wished I'd told the teacher
Angel would have stayed.


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