His Mistake, My Misery


No one knows you like I do.

We both hide there,

behind the curtain.

The red one,

stained with tears, resentment and fears 

accumulated over the years.


You like the control the curtain gives you;

but then again you have always loved control.

You can't leave the curtain


Once you did,

with a gun.

Held it to your head high, higher, HIGHER

then shut it down and left for awhile. 

Then you came back because you need this curtain,

to survive.


Behind  this curtain there is a mirror,

hold it up to see clearer.

I am disgusted!

I am part of you,

because sex makes babies

and here I am.


I have scratched, itched, and  cut 

but your still inside of me.

The  curtain is so heavy 

I have always been to young to remove it,

but this year will be different.


18 is calling my name,

and soon dear father 

I will leave you 


behind the curtain...




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