Hiroshima, Historical Poem


The sewer! the sewer!

they all scream the sewer!

but i can’t go in there because i’m a spewer

I see the planes approaching overhead.

and i immediately knew we were dead

Shocking noises. People crying.

Happy faces upside down. Mothers covering their children’s eyes.

Away goes the shady fog, running, i see my dog.

In the water i can’t take a dive, i’m afraid ill get hives.

but then all my worries leave

I see the falling leaves.

but with all those i see

one more thing falling towards me and

all the streets are empty now

everyones in the sewer or in a building, how

did it ever get to this point, two

nations fighting in war, i cry and then i see it not far from us now

Then BOOM!

This poem is about: 
Our world


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