Hip Hope

Sun, 07/12/2015 - 11:24 -- mymy882

People are mimics my hobby is making music/ A bunch of gimmicks they tried to refute it/ Refusing to give props to other rappers who influenced/ Next day make a beat used a sample from their music/ Stupid useless clueless about hip hop/ Most of them didn't even know where it started/ 70s South Bronx with graffiti artists/ DJs, Emcees, Break dancers and beat boxers/ Some of them never heard of Bob Marley or Frank Sinatra/ The fans the rastas and the bobby soxers/ Talk about who shot em new jays who copped them/ Have to be from the hood no other option/ What about kids with rapper dreams do they squash them?/ Being from the suburbs is really a problem?/ C'mon son the whole industry is fake it's not about the music it's about how much money you make/ What you show not how you grow for god sakes/ You have a single on the radio and in the clubs/ Talking about popping bottles and selling dubs/ So when your album drops all these people show you love/ Beyonce was right now a days people don't make albums/ Back in the day your whole record had to be astounding/  DJ Kool Herc  father of hip hop would be ashamed/ If he knew rappers were steady playing games/ It's about what you feel comes from the heart/ Stem hard work not who mostly played a part/ I came to bring this to light because it's been in the dark/ Give respect to hip hop legends that's a good place to start/ African Bambata Big Daddy Kane taught Jay-z how to rap before he was top five in the game/ Nas Tupac Biggie Wu tang clan/ Grandmaster Flash, Mobb Deep Sugar hill gang/ Thanks NWA we wouldn't have eminem/ Dr. Dre got 50 cent kendrick lamar from compton/UGk, Kanye west a tribe called quest/ Lupe fiasco Outkast Rakim DMX/Lil kim TLC Salt n Pepa Eve/ LL Cool J had beef with cannibus and kool mo dee/ Fugees Missy Elliot, MC Lyte Mos def/Queen Latifah common Big Pun doug E.fresh/ Naughty by Nature Foxy brown Big L/  P.Diddy Chuck D Run DMC Melle Mel/ Krs one Talib Kweli the pharcyde   T.I./ Slaughterhouse nobody can touch crooked I/ Freestyle rappers like Cassidy King Los/ Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, The Lox, and J. Cole/ There are so much more that really changed the game/ Because of them it will never ever be the same/ They tell stories on beats so you can understand their pain/ When you listen it's like you take a journey through their brain/ Hopefully rappers will do better stop flashing with cheap sweaters/ Talking about how they get money cheddar and mozzarella/ Not realizing their affecting a whole teenage era/ Only time will tell if hip hop will get better/


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