I want to believe I deserve him,

I want to be able to look at him without thinking,

He could have more, do more, have better,

He is a diamond, and I, but a simple love letter.

He claims the world and offers to give it to me,

How? How do I receive? How not to overthink?

So I refuse what he offers, I give him frustration,

How could he understand my infatuation.

To be independent, to give him more,

Oh, but he claims I give him the world. 

I slowly let myself sink into the rhythm and wonder, 

Why I fight so much when I don’t have to any longer. 

But when you’ve been given table scraps for years,

And one day an offer, the Kings table, oh what fear!

A trick! I think, what unbelievable scrutiny!!

What have I to give back what he offers to give to me?

Slowly but surely I start to realize,

Unbelieveable but true that I see it in his eyes.

That he, unlike others, has no use only for what I can give,

Rather he loves me and my life and how I live. 

So this, this my truth, the story of how, 

A simple peasant was given the world and now.

My heart, my soul, it would upward in dimension, 

It escapes the trap of my silent apprehension.

My fear misplaced with overwhelming truth,

That this is my world and the happiness I needed in my youth. 

This poem is about: 
My family


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