Higher Road

Wed, 09/25/2013 - 14:52 -- NaomiKW


Cheer up my love,

If you haven’t reached “happily ever after” yet, maybe you need to turn a few pages.

Cheer up my love,

Don’t waste your precious thoughts on those walking away from you.

Cheer up my love,

Only let water stream down your face if it is born of thunderstorms,

                                                                                  or showerheads,

                                                                                         or laughter.

Cheer up my love,

Remember that only bad news is printed daily.

Cheer up my love,

Keep in mind that you can’t count calories in something homemade.

Cheer up my love,

A muddy floor can have just as many familiar shapes as a cloudy sky.

Cheer up my love,

A little lemon can taste sweet if you add enough honey.

Cheer up my love,

The best core workout for the body and the soul is laughter.


So cheer up love,

because even if the rest of the world is walking away,

or waging war,

or simply not caring,

if life is too sour, or too dirty, or too weak

cheer up, because I am here love,

and just this once I will kneel so you may use my shoulders as stepping stones

to a higher road.


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