A High School Love Story

Once upon a time,There was girl named Faith,She got ridiculed,And told she was a guy. She was always wearing a mask,To cover up her face when she's sad, depressed, angry,And most of all the guy-ish look she was told she has. One day she decided to remove that mask,In the school bathrooms.A long forgotten face,That had put on a fake smile everyday,And revealed the Faith that wanted to be seen as herself,And wanted people to see that,And notheing alse.She said to herself in front of a mirrorWhy do I look like a guy?Why do I have so many damn flaws?Then someone answered,You look beautiful and adorable,Just the way you are.She never knew who that was,But she knew that voice.Possibly from a class period she'd had earlier...But that didn't really matter,She tried to find her.She looked and looked,But never found that mysterious voice. Then the night of prom came,She heard that same voice coming from a girl,A girl named Brooke. With a grin on her face,She said,Hey, you finally found me. Then continued... I love you,I always did.Maybe you didn't know,But I did obviously, Faith saw her twirling her hair,Blushing,Her breathe was unsteady and nervous,She was too distracted by her beatiful complection...As if she had found her soul mate...As Brooke was talking,Faith was too busy noticing her every feature... Her eyes,There was a sparkle like no other.Her cheeks,Rosy and red from blushing too much.Her lips,Soft and red from the lipstick she had worn.Then Faith finally I snapped out of that trance. Sorry, I-I am stumbling thr-Faith then all of a sudden stepped towards her,Cupped Brooke's cheek and kissed her. I love you too came right out of Faith's mouth.Right then and there,They had fallen in love.  

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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