High School


High school, the tomb of all emotions.

Gangsters, thugs, nerd, Jocks, and Leveled Teens.

Earning their way into things to make life out of this tomb of knowledge.

Gangsters learn Math for the money and honeys.

While nerds learn math to overwhelm the oppressed, and become the oppressors.


Jocks learning math to keep jumping and running.

While leveled teens learn math to get by in life and continue with no worries.

The purpose of high school is relevant.

But the problems of high school are irrelevant.

People, teachers, students moving about their day.

Not worrying about that kid smoking weed in the bathroom.

Or why that girl is pregnant with no guidance.

Or why a student died over false love and a text message.


Bullies and criminals roam the hallways on occasions.

Evading society, expressing their emotions through drastic measures.

Expressing their emotions through violence, drugs, and sex.

Not going home with support, or guidance from that figure of wrong and right.

Being feared by most, and independent by nature.

But fear themselves, and what’s to come in their future.


Motivation, inspiration, and concentration takes time.

Mental and physical purposes are needed for this everyday grind.

Walking on eggshells are those bullied.

Wondering when the next battering might behold them.

And everyday students, thinking of that failing grade and going to Momma and Papa.


Teachers over your shoulders.

Staring you down like a hawk.

So you can wallow and crawl in anxiety of your distant future.

You the student, doubting every ability in your mind to achieve your goals.

But still moving forward to shape a bright future and escape a troubled past.


Parents are the key to the car.

They ignite your engine.

They fuel us.

They prepare us for the race.

They shape us.

To be either a rust bucket in a junk yard, or a Mercedes in a car show.


And we the students are the drivers.

We drive our future

We drive our minds into something bright.

We drive our minds into something magnificent.


So we shape our future.

We shape our cause.

And we shape our fate.

But at the end of it all.

What did we do it for.

Why did we come to this part of our lives.

What was our cause on planet earth.

And did we reach our set goals.


Its all relevant now.

Our purpose, and our cause for being in high school.

The purpose, is our future.






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