Wed, 06/16/2021 - 12:09 -- mrapook

Down by the lake in the morning
wet grass between my toes
wearing nothing but my overalls
the sun was colored rose.

It reflected off the mirrored lake
back to a florescent sky,
evoking and elegant rising
while the night was saying good-bye.

i go back to this place whenever i can
to vision its beauty again,
so i can preserve it inside, for me to hide,
saving it for a day of rain...

... but rainy days came too often
for me to really see.
i always woke up to black crackling skies
when i was blue and dreary.

though sooner or later the skies would clear
and i’d finally see the way,
back to the lake i started to walk.
another wasted day...

... for, down by the lake in the morning
with wet grass between my toes,
i was wearing just my overalls
when the clouds took a striking pose.

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