Hiding in the shadows

Thu, 03/27/2014 - 09:29 -- Kholah


I live in the dark,
Because I don't fit in.
But I have seen a spark,
In the light I have been.

Light so bright,
It opened my eyes.
Bright filled the night,
And it dried up my cries.

Light so amazingly Bright! It was bright!

Without the dark lies no star,
Without the star there is no way to wish,
And without a wish a dream can vanish!
And those wishes I tell you are oh so Far! They will be far!


I wish on the stars,
But only in the darkness.
Would the night become ours?
If not, we would be heartless. 

Yet, I still hide in the shadows,
Full of pity.
Afraid to come out to see who follows
Me into my little dark city!

It is very Dark here! It is dark!

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