Hiding in Fears and Tears


Every day I see a fight

And my heart fills with fear

Every night I hear a scream

That's hidden by tears

I would cry every time I woke up

Becuase my life would begin with another day

Followed by fears and tears

And me getting lost along the way

My life was a living hell

Everyone knew why

They just never understood

All of the lies

My life was full of so many lies

I was still young but

I still kne what was happening

Becuase I had that sinking feeling inside my gut

I was dying inside very slowly

I was in so much pain

I couldn't bear it anymore

It's coming down as hard as rain

My family and life were falling apart

I was scared so I hid in my fear

I was to afraid to try and help

So I drowned myself in tears

Every day I still see fights

And I can feel my fear

Every night I hear my screams

SUrrounded by my tears


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