Hiding Behind a Mask

Have you ever felt so invisible? Like you can't be seen? 

You sit there and slowly fade away, becoming a ghost until you completely stop existing.

You know you have to step out of the darkness or else you get called a "coward."

But for some odd reason, you enjoy the loneliness.

When you look in a mirror nothing stares back except the empty and broken smile upon an equally empty face.

This actually scares you because you know you are hiding behind a mask.

You know you must show who you really are but you are frightened at what people might think or say.

To them it is wrong and disappointing, but you are the one suffering just because they cannot seem to accept you.

I am reaching out to you, please listen to me.

You have no idea how hard it gets for me.

This is me, can't you see? 

What will it take until I can remove this mask?

This poem is about: 
Our world


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