Hide and Seek


Colors: I love them

Yet it's something I'm afraid to wear


Vibrant and bright - saturation so high it calls to the eye

Or dull and shadowed - strong and firm and filled with control

I will not hesitate to use them

To color my world with bright pinks and reds,

Fresh greens, or 

Liberating blues


I will surround myself with people as red as anger

And as orange as meloncholy 

And as purple as self-righteousness 

And as steely grey as knowledge


I will taste food and categoize by the flavor

Flaming Burgundy

Fruity Fuschia

Bitter Teal


I want color everywhere

In every sense

In every touch, smell, sound, thought, taste, sight


But me

I dress in clothes as dark as the abyss

And as dull as granite

I'm a canvas dunked in Abscense

Dark, cold, and aloof


One day, I'll summon the strength and courage

To scrape the Nothing from me and 

Reveal what I hide from the world

I'll wear my senses and carry on 


Free and Liberated


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