Thu, 12/11/2014 - 11:06 -- Chayle

I didn't plan for my life to turn out like this

I didn't plan to be a laughing gypsy on that skyscraper

The ghost who's eyes you've seen and miss

The girl who doesn't exist on paper

Indecisive and as untamable as the Arizona wind

Subjective to whatever it is she needs to prove

Dark beauty with the ever slight grin

And she only wants you

Sacrifice your freedom for an embrace

Hold your breath and hope he doesn't leave

Can't even manage to look him in the face

Afraid of what it is he may see

I'm running, and I keep running in circle sighs

Up the walls and through these chains

How stupid of me to want someone to be mine

Not me, those types always bring the pain

I'm disappointed that I let myself even fall this far

And I'm scared of allowing anyone inside

For I haven't even caught my own heart

And from myself, I try to hide.


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