The Hidden Truth

Don't look me in the eyes

I know its hard but believe me you've got to try

And don't fall for me

I know it sucks because its so damn easy

But behind this pretty face

There's a demon waiting to escape


Its gonna rip you apart

It goes straight for the heart

And next you know

Its got a hold of your soul

There's no time to fight back 

Its got you under attack 

Now you know how I feel 

When people say its not real

Welcome to living hell

Now can you hear me yell?

Because I've been down here so long

But at least I am strong

And I can say I've survived

And I've done well to disguise

The demon inside of me

Now don't you agree?


So when you look me in the eyes

Don't let it come as a surprise

That behind this pretty smile

There's been a demon all the while


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