Hidden truth

 Sometimes if u with a dime you need to separate No magnets , no clamps, no bands , ain't no fish and bate I ain't no show and tell Ain't no presentation Treating me like Ima alien inside this nation You try to stop me with my hands up This ain't no red station But now I'm thinking cuz it's like my feelings are on 2 year probation While it's all building up my cup it still stays half empty You say you like me but you was fake since the day you met me  Always askin me for help I NEVER SAID CAN YOU HELP ME even tho I really needed it, you just jumped and left  me Now I'm by myself now I'm all alone Now I'm stuck righting these lyrics making bunch of songs But if I'm getting rich IM GETTING RICH ON MY OWN! This ain't no love song , ain't no Lullaby It's just some things I need to get out before the time I die  Sometimes I'm feeling like the pain it's just all really worth it Cuz when yuh peer going threw something you can help em learn it Ain't want my sister my two brothers to go threw the same thing I ain't want them thinking that my love is just a game thing Other than insane things I rather be a plain thing It's about the building and the healings, and the gain things  trust and love it's what you loose and all of it is  just to gain living in a world with so much sorrow so much pain You holding it all in which make a hater go insane Having all the thoughts at a corner in my brain Some say the hearts the target and that is where they aim Throwing lyrics out like fire that's y I'm spittin flame Ain't sleepin in the night or I'm the morning my hairs a jungle main Main main some askin for the main they want the right attention Or they just probably want the fame  


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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