The Hidden Monster Within



Whats the point,

Why should I try

To avoid every urge,

Why should I not

Pick up the blade-

Letting it slowly slice

The skin that lay beneath it.

The wound beginning to bleed-

Watching it drip.

 Just feeding the hunger,

Continuing until the evil within is pleased,

 Eventually you have to stop.

 Even though it's still hungry.


When you’re down,

The monster isn’t looking for just a few

He wants it all

All of everything

All of your blood

All of your existence

It craves to control your life


How to avoid it though?

How to avoid something so powerful

Something so strong


Are you supposed to run?

Run your whole life

Hoping and begging he will never find you?

Never catch you?

Never drain you of what you used to be?


Why not give into him?

Give into the monster-

Give into the temptation.


Why not let yourself be drained?

Why is it so horrible

It is not worth trying

if you run, his demands get worse.


I have given up-

I have become the monster's servant,

His little play puppet


To some he's the devil-

To some he does not exist-

But I, and many like me, know he exists.


The monster,

He is right inside of you

He will destroy you-

If you fight.

So just give in,

Before he destroys you.

It's not as bad as it seems.

No one has ever taught you,

About the joy of cutting

The thrill of putting the cold, lifeless blade against your skin

The ecstatic feeling when the blood pours out

As if you were releasing all your inner faults


No one tells you how good it feels

No one ever says how amazing it is

No one ever tells you about the relief

You can stop running-


you can come out from hiding and relax.

That's his goal,

That's his desire,

Now, join me, and him, will you?




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