Hidden Identity

Deep inside there is a flame no one can squash

A flame that burns and is radiant

The flame however has had water thrown

Even splashed on it 

So a steel vault has encased the flame that once burned radiantly

The flame is still alight deep in the vault however it is extremely dim as to ensure that the flame is not put out 

The one vault eventually became encased by a larger vault and each vault was then encased by another larger vault from then on

The vaults just over took each other and the code for the last vault is forgotten to the point where the flame is forgotten

The vaults won't ever be unlocked as they were set to encase the flame from society so the flame wasn't blown out

As the band Linkin park stated a fire needs a space to burn and a breath to glow

The vaults are my inner space

The breath is my motivation which keeps the dull flame alive safe from society


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