The Hidden Girl

Tue, 08/19/2014 - 18:31 -- Cookyes

Behind the desk, you shake inside
your Palm is sweaty,
Your voice is rough as a board.

You close your eyes
And there you'll find
a girl with her music.

Carefree as her hands sway
smooth as the calm of the sea,
she spins, delicate flower petal is she.

She holds a paintbrush which is
pushed against the wall, the picture
Of smiling girl immerges.

As you squint into the distance,
the girl is amongst hundreds of people
laughing, talking,The curtain snaps back
reality sinks in.

The picture slowly fades,
The fear crawls back
rapid as a forest fire.

Eyes open, the light is bright
Deep breaths, pant,pant
A roar of applause surrounds you,
but you don't get excited.

You know it's temporary
But you still smile because,
You have a gleam of hope your
life will turn into what it could be,


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