Hidden Emotions


I lye on my bed while thinking and dreaming

How will I let him know how I feel?

Sometimes it makes me want to start screaming

Because it's a dream that I want to be real

I see him every day but I'm just too afraid

To walk up to him and say a simple word

Afraid of rejection that my love may fade

How would he think of me a view that is blurred?

Time continues to pass and I'm still far away

What do I say because I don't know what to do?

It's funny how I think about him each and every day

And I stand there and wonder does he feel the same way too

I dream about him almost every night

Holding hands in the coldest winter of the season

His smile is light but also shines so bright

My love for him gives me so many reasons

I know I like him but I think I love him

Lust is absent because the feelings are too strong

Nothing compared to a game even though we love the Sims

The dream is romantic and is something like a song

So how do I tell him what's on my mind?

Shall I just walk up to him and tell him to his face?

The feelings remain hidden but will always be defined

If I don't connect with him we'll always be in space

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