The sea is vast full of uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability

One fish within the majority stood out, clearly representing irregularity

Her bale houses sea turtles in all shapes and sizes, but the color remains the same

A streak of white turtles swims within the current, but then a black speck followed

Unlike the rest, the one sea turtle swam at the back of the pack

The sea turtle noticed its individuality, and carried her scars on her back

Each mark that scarred her shell displayed her dissimilarity

She felt the cold stare from the bale and fell victim to their scrutiny

The sea turtle isolated herself to avoid their selfish aim

She always felt lonely but she was half to blame

Colorful and vibrant reefs surrounded the sea turtle on their journey


She felt dismayed as she swam passed

She envied the diversity among the coral, schools, and jellyfish nearby

They had animals in different shapes and colors

They were brighter and more cheerful

Among her bale she felt insecure

She doubted her self-worth

She didn't want to remain

She wanted to leave


The turtle let the current carry her as she pondered her despair

The only comfort she felt was from the sea herself

It enveloped her like a mother embracing her children

She felt tranquility as she was coddled in warmth


As she slowly rode the rifts and waves, fear started to replace tranquility

Fear of her bale

Fear of having to face reality and return to agony once she left the current

What she would give to return to her youth


Return to the beach

Return to a time before she had to enter the fearful sea

Return to a time before the scars had settled in


As the turtle and her bale drifted outside of the current, she snapped out of her daydream

Her bale was always on the move, and she always saw new things that represented her


She was like an abyss; dark, dreary, and cold

She was like a sea urchin; prickly to warn off others

She was like a shipwreck; stuck with no place to go, incapable of being recovered


She was like a flatfish that hid beneath the sand

She hid from her predators which were her fellow sea turtles


Outside of the current was still water

The water didn't judge her color but embraced her

The water didn't mark her shell but healed her

The water whispered to her tenderly and quietly

"Individuality is a form of beauty"

"Scars reinforce strength"

"Without black, color has no depth"


Each phrase was spoken with love and encouragement

The sea turtle had never experienced such kind words

She was dumbstruck and filled with joy

Gradually, her sorrow was displaced with self-confidence

It came rushing in like a wave rushes in during high tide

The still water became a mother that inspires her children

The still water harvested her depression and planted seeds of new life

With her sense of encouragement, she swam to the front of her bale after isolating herself


She displayed her new found confidence in her color and scars

She held her head up high


Some stared

Others glared

However, many did not care


Her vulnerability diminished and she built a wall

Her insecurity became composure

Her uncertainty became determination

She did not have to camouflage her feelings

She embraced her difference

She accepted her color


She welcomed others’ opinions because they would not shake her

She intertwined her new confidence and preciousness to be reborn


She became a new turtle in the same shell

She thanked her mother for giving birth to her

She was thankful towards the still water who represented her true family

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