Hey There, Don't Scroll Past Me!

Here's my note to you,

who's crying themselves to sleep

or can't get to dreaming because of overthinking

or having an anxiety attack

maybe hunched over a bottle of that dear old friend

Captain Morgan

or just feels like they need a pick-me-up:


Someone out there loves you,

whether it be a parent,

a teacher,

a niece or nephew,

an irritating sibling,

or your wonderful little pet


You love someone too,

whether it be a lover,

a best friend,

a person you passed on the street,

or simply just yourself


Then there are the nice little things -

from chocolate

to that feeling you get sometimes

when the air smells kind of sweet

and everything is just alright


Little kids are laughing

and somebody is having the best day of their life

and people are getting married

and somebody's on a grand vacation


And then there's you,

who I hope is smiling

even if it's just a tiny bit


I know it doesn't solve anything but

do me a favor honey,

and remember that no matter how much shit there is,

there are just as many

perfect memories

being made,


This poem is about: 
Our world


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