Hey Everyone!


Hey everyone! Did you hear?

They broke up because of a fight.

They had been dating for, like, years.                                                                                                                                                                  


No, that can’t possibly be right.

I heard she is pregnant.

The father is unknown.

There isn’t a boy here she hasn’t met.                                                                                                                                             

I have to tell my friends! Give me your phone.                                                                                                             

Hey everyone! Did you see

What she posted on Facebook?

Wearing that is a crime! It’s so ugly!

I would kill myself if I looked

Like her. She is so overweight.

Her face is covered in acne.

There’s no way a boy would ever date


Yeah, I definitely agree.                                                                                                                                


Hey everybody! Did you see

The loser who sits alone every day?

He only has books for company.

This nerd is such easy prey.

He never says a single word.

He has absolutely no friends.

He is bizarre, weird, and absurd.

We should beat him up this weekend.                                                                                                             


Hey gossipers! Did you feel

Your words cutting her wrists

Because it’s the only way to deal

With the ocean of pain? Did you feel this

Or the rope tightening around his throat?

He was found suspended in the air.

You were mentioned in his note,

But I bet you don’t even care.



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