He's Just a Kid

Dear Justin,


You do not know it quite yet

But your fate has always been quite set;

By the flourish of your sword

And by the integrity of your word;

Your destiny is larger than your inhibitions and fears

Yet I cannot promise your ambitions will not draw tears;

For to rise like a phoenix from the fire

You must conspire to inspire;

Future generations of those who dream of a better day

You must take their equivocations away;

And when your time has come

Look around you and count the sum;

Of all your good deeds

Give thanks to your toil which reaped many seeds;

Which will ripen for a future brighter

You may leave this world, but leave this world brighter;

Rest now, my sweet boy

The world now has much joy;

Your time has come, the bells toll midnight

Fateful boy, it has become twilight;

And now,

Take a bow.


All the best,



Background: I think it would be interesting what I would say to myself if I went back

in time to tell my younger self what my life was going to be. This letter is addressed

to 'Justin' before I changed my name to 'J.R.', signifiying my departure from boyhood.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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