He's All I Need

 The one who enters my dream and walks the paths to my heart,and I feel could never tear my soul apart.Maybe I’m crazy for falling so hard, so fast.I pray to god hoping it will forever last.I feel like he’s crazy for choosing me,maybe one day he’ll propose on one knee.I never thought this love could be real,but when proven wrong you realize he was a steal.I promise he’s different and this one will last,unlike last time when my heart was as fragile as glass.I still ask questions like “Why did he choose me?”he must see more then I see in me.He might love me as much as I love him,he even tries to cater to my every whim.I know this isn’t Disney and I’m not Rapunzel,but he is always there to catch me when I stumble.I love his dark curly locks that run from his head,he still tells me I’m beautiful when I just get out of bed. When we kiss I can feel the butterfly’s dance,and he doesn’t just want me for what’s in my pants.He tells me I’m weird, but he likes it that way.When I have to say bye, I just want to stay.Before him I don’t know how I lived,probably because I never knew how much love I could give.So listen world, before you call me crazy,he always remembers my favorite flowers are daisies.He may not always know the right thing to say,but he always knows how to make my day.So listen Father before you scold me for dating. You left a while ago, and yes I’m still waiting.Maybe your life’s better and I’m not worth your time,sense child support never even gained as much as a dime.Father this man is the only one I want to date,and he loves the girl you and mom just had to create.Once again I will say I love him so much,their is always a spark when our hands or lips touch.He is the one and only thing I need,and this love can’t do anything but grow like a seed.I used to listen when people would say “he could do better”,even when he was kind enough to lend me his sweater.I am beautiful, the universe, and a princess in his eyes,and I now realize that’s not for anyone else to decide.I compare myself to other girls, I know that’s not a good thing.He says I sound angelic even when I can’t sing.Once again I ask “Why did he choose me?”,he sees my pure beauty that’s on the inside,and he knows how impossible it is for us not to collide.He is the one thing I can’t live without,and life would much be worse if I didn’t have him; without a doubt. Written By, Meka G. Young

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