In her arms I am loved

I am the only person that matters

When she holds me I am safe

Safe from the lies of the world

Safe from their hate

When she speaks my name my heart stops beating

When she says she loves me it only beats for her

When I try to tell her how much I love her words fail me

How can you sum up your whole heart and soul in words?

How can you even try?

When people ask why I love her, I laugh

How can you not see her for who she truly is?

How can you not see thru her walls?

Those silly walls that forever stand

like the walls of Troy

that never fall

That held the beautiful Queen

She is my Queen

In her eyes I may be perfect yet she exceeds perfection

Her eyes which see me are gold like the temptation of King Midas' touch

Her face puts Aphrodite's to shame

Her soul is pure and Divine on levels beyond mundane understanding

She is beauty and happiness

She is mine

And I

Am hers


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