Hero & Angel.

Sometimes we slip into the unknown

Deep down below.

What does it take to reach the surface again?

Don't let me down.


And someone with patience

To pull you back from the darkness you seeped into again.

To save you from yourself.

But when that lets up, and the passion dies down (why aren't you around hero?)

What's left?

She thinks he feels zero.

And to her it's like a punch in the chest

Because there's nothing left.

But do you fall back down to where he first found you?


Carry on in hopes of a better tomorrow?

He didn't win this time.

You're stronger since he left.

She stood on her own two feet without him


And looked out at the sunset

through the rain.

She realized it's the beginning of a new chapter

In her life alone,

But with things to look forward to.

He feels lonely.

But that girl he saved is flying high into the heavens.

And years from now,

He'll cry in the rain

Why'd I let my angel go?

But she'll be somewhere

Far, far away


Dancing happily in the rain

With no sorrows or regrets to drown in.

Finally free from the pain caused by her hero.


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